Jules Cadie

Jules Cadie

Jules Cadie is a visual artist who has recently relocated to the Cowal Peninsular, Argyll. Previously, he was living high in the North Pennines, where he participated in cultural and environmental projects and festivals, art fairs and open studio events.

His work explores the relationship between creativity and the natural environment. It is concerned with celebrating the margins and interface where nature and culture collide. Apart from two-dimensional and material work, his investigations include sculpture, installations, digital imagery, exchange events and blogging.

Jules Cadie was Head of Art at a school in North Northumberland for 13 years. Over this period he became increasingly interested in the relationship between creativity, personal and community development and the natural environment. It was a logical step for him, then, to follow his teaching career with over 12 years' experience in arts and community development with local authorities.

Jules started his training at Guildford School of Art specialising in sculpture, but “reverted” to painting because of the importance that colour, tone, hue and shade have for him. Increasingly, however, his work turns towards bas-relief, often leaving canvas and flat board behind, to celebrate the range of textures found in reclaimed wood and slate, and the qualities of chalk, charcoal, peat and naturally-occurring pigments. He gained an MA in Fine Art from Northumbria University in 2009.

He has exhibited in one-man shows and group exhibitions in galleries across England and Scotland , and has sold work to collections in Britain, Europe and the USA. Commissions include designs for a series of carved oak interpretation panels in a country park, designs for a range of seasonal ales for a brewery in Scotland , and cover designs for music CDs.

Jules particuarly wonders at Celtic & Anglo Saxon artworks, which carry the beliefs and celebrations of their authors and artists over to contemporary times. They illustrate perfectly the adaptive cycle of 'everlasting life', the intricate tracery of an interconnected universe, and the interdependence of humanity, plants and animals.

High Ashgill, Garrigill, ALSTON, Cumbria CA9 3HB    T: 01434 381941   E: jules @ cadie.net



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